Connecting Dots International (CDI)

CDI is a platform that aims to promote disability inclusion, diversity, and the development of 21st-century skills. We are committed to creating a comfort zone where international and local students, including undocumented and first-generation students, can exchange knowledge on disability rights and culture, share the beauty of diversity, and cooperate to accomplish their academic and professional goals.


CDI was founded in 2019 by Mizanur Rahman. It is based on his successful disability inclusion model, known as ‘Disability 360’. According to this model, youth are at the center of the life circle of a human and they have the power to influence all age levels of people to bring about a positive change. Youth are able to connect with children, peers, adults, and the elderly to be an ambassador for change. In Bangladesh, this model mobilized a group of youth to promote disability rights and provide training to the community. In 2008, Mizan piloted this model by launching PDF (www.pdfbd.org). For this work, he was recognized in 2017 as a Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur.

Our Programs

Drive for Disability Inclusion

Drive for Disability Inclusion (D4DI) is a campus wide contest to find the best disabled-friendly club from the

Training and Research

CDI arranges regular training and workshops on disability scholarship and activism, conducted by professionals. It also

CrowdV, the volunteer Program

CrowdV is a location aware, crowdsourced app built with Google Cloud Technologies to act as a conduit that efficiently

Campaign for inclusion

We run campaigns at educational institutions to promote disability inclusion, diversity, and building 21st-century