Training and Research

CDI arranges regular training and workshops on disability scholarship and activism, conducted by professionals. It also organizes an annual ‘Connecting Dots Conference’ on the most important economic, political, and social issues hindering disability inclusion around the globe. Leading and publishing research is a fundamental activity for CDI. Another key goal pursued by CDI is conducting participatory action research among students with and without disabilities on campus. The research aims to help all students navigate campus life and find ways to reach their full potentials in a new culture.

Volunteer training:

CDI organizes regular online and offline training for its volunteers on Disability Inclusion, Disability Culture, Disability policies, etc. One of the mandatory training for all volunteers is the ‘Pathway of Non-medical service for Individuals with Disabilities’. This training module serves to provide volunteers with clear guidelines and practice scenarios to properly serve individuals with different types of disabilities. Volunteers will be provided with the best practices, policies, and etiquette when assisting an individual with disabilities.

Disability Friendly Organization: Do's and Dont's

Through this LIVE training session, the participants learned how to fully practice disability culture & policies, and became disability-friendly student clubs to accomplish the ultimate diversity goal of UIC. This was an open session for all. The recorded webinar is posted online at

Discusants of the training were:

  1. Sophia Hamilton, Director, Disability Resource Center, UIC
  2. Margaret Fink, Director at UIC Disability Cultural Center
  3. Joy Vergara, Director, Center for students Involvement
  4. Nell, She, Her/Hers, Accessibility & Meetings Coordinator, American Anthropological Association