Campaign for inclusion

We run campaigns at educational institutions to promote disability inclusion, diversity, and building 21st-century skills. We have several activities to accomplish the goal of this campaign, which are listed below

CrowdV, the volunteer Program

CrowdV is a location aware, crowdsourced app built with Google Cloud Technologies to act as a conduit that efficiently connects volunteers to assist people with disabilities. It bridges a critical supply and demand gap between persons seeking assistance to manage their disabilities and those willing to voluntarily extend their help.

Training and Research

CDI arranges regular training and workshops on disability scholarship and activism, conducted by professionals. It also organizes an annual ‘Connecting Dots Conference’ on the most important economic, political, and social issues hindering disability inclusion in different corners of the globe.

Drive for Disability Inclusion

Drive for Disability Inclusion (D4DI) is a campus wide contest to find the best disabled-friendly club from the student organizations at UIC. Through this contest, the participant organizations will learn how to fully practice disability culture & policies, and become a disabled-friendly platform to accomplish the ultimate diversity goal of UIC.