Batool Arastu

Hi, my name is Batool Arastu and I'm undergraduate student at UIC. I'm hoping to complete a minor in Disability and Human Development and major in Psychology. I Identify as a muslim women who is visually impaired.

Being visually impaired has made an impact on my life, but it doesn't define me. I have experienced many obstacles going through school and daily life. Throughout my years of school I have gone through many differents types of technology and working around different accommodations to get me through the day. and with the right help I'm figuring it out.

I would like to complete my master's in psychology. I am hopeful to get to work with different people facing issues with their disability. I have joined CDI because I would like to give international students the opportunity to receive the accommodations they need. I would like them to learn to accommodate to others as well. I would hope that many people can learn from this organization of how to make things accessible for people with disabilities.