What is D4DI contest?

Drive for Disability Inclusion (D4DI) is a campus-wide contest to find the best disabled-friendly club from the student organizations at UIC. Through this contest, the participating organizations will learn how to fully practice disability culture & policies, and become a disabled-friendly platform to accomplish the ultimate diversity goal of UIC. It has different phases.

Phase one: sign up and brainstorming- October 15th to 25th

Phase two Webinar participation and preparing the pitch- November 2, 2020

Phase Three: Pitch submission and promotion for public voting- November 3rd to 5th

First Prize: A total of $750 grants, Trophy and Certificate

Second Prize: A total of $500 grants, Trophy and Certificate

Third Prize: A total of $250 grants, Trophy and Certificate

Chief Guest

Michael Amiridis

Chancellor University of Illinois at Chicago

Special guest

Tamar Heller

Heads of the Department

Disability and Human Development, UIC

Robin Ann Jones


Great Lakes ADA Center, UIC

Caryn Bills-Windt

Associate Chancellor

University of Illinois at Chicago

Sophia Hamilton


Disability Resource Center, UIC

Margaret Fink


UIC Disability Cultural Center, UIC

Joy Vergara


Center for Student Involvement, UIC

Justin O’Sullivan

ADA Coordinator


Sign up Requirements:

  • Organizations may sign up, but not individuals
  • Organizations with sign up by filling out a short survey form
  • Each organization will assign at least three members
  • Each organization will provide an organizational social media page
  • No signup fee is required, but organizations must be registered with The UIC Center for Student Involvement

Webinar joining instruction:

  • Webinar titled “Disabled friendly organization: Do’s & Don’ts”
  • All three representative must join in the Webinar
  • Webinar panelist:
    • Sophia Hamilton, Director, Disability Resource Center, UIC
    • Margaret Fink, Director at UIC Disability Cultural Center
    • Joy Vergara, Director, Center for students Involvement
    • Nell Konechte, Accessibility & Meetings Coordinator at American Anthropological Association.

Video presentation instruction:

  • Each organization will be responsible to develop a presentation/video pitch (2.30- 3 minutes long) where they will answer three questions:
  • All three representative must join in the Webinar
    • Who they are?
    • What are their plans for disability inclusion policies [Based on their current disability inclusion practices, how can they improve their policies?]
    • How will they ensure disability inclusion in their services/events/activities?

Winner selection process:

All videos will be posted on CDI’s Facebook page for public voting. The 30% point participants will get from social media public voting (Like/Love/Care reacts will be counted as vote) and the rest of the 70% points will come from panelists listed above. The winners by most points from both sides will be announced awarded on 1st November 2020.

Video Submission:

The team will present the pitch through Zoom where the judge will present. The pitch will be recorded. Each team will add the caption to the recorded pitch and submit the final video to the D4Di team using a pitch submission link.

Prize and certification:

Category Awards
Most disabled-friendly Organization at UIC $750, Trophy and Certificate
2nd st disabled-friendly Organization at UIC $500, Trophy and Certificate
3rd disabled-friendly Organization at UIC $250, Trophy and Certificate
Participation Certificate

Prize fund user instruction:

  • This prize money will be used by the winning organization
  • It will not for the entertainment or food for the organization or individuals
  • This fund must have to spent for an event or activity which promote disability inside or outside the organization
    • Making promotional materials
    • Organizing event which will prompt or support disability issue among the team or public
    • Logistic which will ensure accessibility for the disabled individual inside their organization resources
  • CDI logos must be includes on all the events or promotional publications using this fund
  • This grant must need to finish within one academic year

For any further communication: contact@cdiworld.org